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“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes
which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.”
Jules Verne, Voyage au centre de la Terre (1864)

Wanderlust. The yearning to explore, a quest for meaning in the unknown.

Walk, step forward…
Trek the scenic route, hunting for unchartered territory.
Looking, always moving. Stray far, stray wide.
Question… keep questioning.
Change the lens, adopt a new gaze.
Zoom-in. Zoom-out.
Scan the landscape. Focus.
Feeling Lost.
Turn around. Retrace your steps.

Wanderlust. A questioning of the truth, translating languages and media, traversing boundaries and disciplines.

Far from home.
Keep wondering. Keep wandering.
Much is out there. Look beyond.
Play like a child. Experiment. Let intuition reign.
Seek the unexpected.
Keep wondering. Keep wandering.
Embrace uncertainty. Always questioning.
Look far, Look wide.
Gaze. Breath it all in.
Talk and engage, share and exchange.

Wanderlust. An everyday obsession, a time to observe, dream and look beyond…

Question truth, seek meaning.
Rewind. Trust your instincts.
A different perspective, another voice.
Refocus. Measure and rule, make and translate.
Present, discuss, reveal.
Growth. A new cycle.
Hopes and expectations.
Walk, step forward…

Wanderlust. Learning to fail and learning from failure. Rising to the challenge and trusting the purity of the voyage. Never an ending, only a beginning…


– Exploring Things Possible –

WNDRLUST is an international design collective and consultancy based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, initiated by Sonja Bäumel, Susana Cámara Leret, Maurizio Montalti, and Mike Thompson.

WNDRLUST (coming from the German Wanderlust – wɑːndərlʌst – : a strong desire for or impulse to explore the world) represents a collective desire to explore the space between art, design, science and society. In doing so we collaborate with a broad range of companies, cultural and scientific institutes, generating tangible research, design innovations and provocations, investigating cutting edge scientific and technological developments and their potential roles within society. Our work is thus generally process-led and cross-media, generating a diverse range of outcomes, from product to graphic, body to space, digital to biological matter. In this manner we view our work as probes, used to validate ideas and concepts in the cultural setting.

Our work has been shown in various exhibitions such as:
Ars Electronica Center (Linz, AT), Anthology Film Archives (New York, USA) MAK (Vienna, AT), Milano Salone del Mobile (Milan, IT), Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam, NL), Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA), Museum of Natural History (Vienna, AT), Naturalis (Leiden, NL), St Etienne Biennale Internationale Design (St Etienne, FR), Science Gallery (Dublin, IRL), The New Institute (Rotterdam, NL), Triennale Design Museum (Milan, IT).